Preserving nature's beauty through ancient practices.

I found my peace in the flowers, through the whisper of the leaves. The wild called me close and held me. Slowed me down and allowed me to truly see. And so my therapy began — communing with nature, surrendering to her lessons and leaving ego behind. 

Flower pressing and wild foraging have ancient roots. The best and most authentic method to dry flowers has not changed much over time. It is conceptually easy and yet requires attentive dedication and patience. Using traditional pressing practices, dating back to the 16th century, color and form are beautifully preserved. Foraging must flow with the sunshine and timing of the blooms. Pressing botanicals cannot be rushed; the flowers dry in their own time.

Mahalo nui loa for sharing my journey. May the flowers bring you a sense of calm and inner knowing. We are all one with nature and she is waiting to welcome us home. 

love and aloha, Nikole